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We feature the best video glasses, including EzVision and Vuzix IWear video glasses.

Which video glasses do you recommend?

We highly recommend the Vuzix range of video glasses. The latest generation of these consists of the Wrap 230, Wrap 280 and Wrap 920 - the most important difference between these is the size of the virtual display which ranges from 46" to 67". The available Vuzix video glasses are summarised below, alongside the current cheapest price from UK Vuzix stockists:

Vuzix Model Virtual Display Size Best Current Price
Vuzix Wrap 230 46" £62.17
Vuzix Wrap 280 51" £89.95
Vuzix Wrap 920 67" £199.99

What are video glasses?

Video Glasses are, as the name suggests, worn just like a pair of glasses. However, once on, they open a whole new world, providing you with a private viewing area equivalent to the large displays associated with Plasma and LCD televisions. As the technology has advanced, video eyewear glasses have not only incorporated high definition (HD) displays but have also become more fashionable.

They are perfect for a range of devices, such as DVD players, video mp3 players and games consoles. The more advanced models even allow fully-immersive PC gaming, allowing you to explore virtual environments by moving your head around. You can really step into the action!

They also provide perfect privacy. You can watch what you like when you like, whether your home TV is in use or even on a train! Never before could you so immersively watch television and films, as well as play games, on the go!

If your device provides video-out capability, it is likely that you'll be able to plug in a pair of video glasses and jump into the action! Watch 2D or 3D movies anytime, on huge virtual displays.

By using our site, you can compare prices in the UK for video glasses. We cover the most popular video glasses including those from Vuzix and EzVision. We hope that you find our site useful, and it helps you find the video glasses which are right for you.